A journey to cyber resilience

An eBook from SecurityScorecard on how to measure your business' cyber resilience
(Image credit: SecurityScorecard)

A new regulation came into force at the start of 2023 - the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) - requiring banks and other financial institutions, along with their third-party ICT vendors,  to adopt vigorous cybersecurity initiatives and ensure the protection of their customers.

This eBook from SecurityScorecard shares the five key pillars of DORA and how these impact the way financial services manage their ICT. From incident reporting to third-party risk management, SecurityScorecard breaks down each pillar and suggests impactful solutions to support entities in their DORA compliance.

 Download now to learn: 

  • The security measures for an accurate assessment of your business’ cyber health
  • How your organization can enhance its cyber resilience with proactive threat intelligence
  • How company-wide collaboration and clear cybersecurity strategies can help prepare companies for their DORA journey in 2024.

Provided by SecurityScorecard 


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