2020 cyber security outlook report

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The conflict of good versus evil is a theme that’s captivated humanity throughout history, spanning religion, ethics, philosophy, politics, art, literature, and cinema. Often with larger-than-life characters leading the narrative, the good versus evil conflict reveals humanity’s intrinsic desire to be safe amidst an omniscient and, often, ephemeral sense of fear.

In cyber security, this conflict plays out on a daily basis, where 'good' is represented by the unsung cyber security heroes and 'evil' is represented by an aggregation of nation-state actors, cyber criminals, hackers, industrial spies, hacktivists, and cyber terrorists - all with different agendas rooted in a desire to tip the balance of power in their favour.

This whitepaper uncovers the top attack tactics from the past year and provides specific guidance on ransomware, commodity malware, wipers, access mining, and destructive attacks.


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