QuSecure launches industry-first 'quantum security as a service'

An image representing the digital quantum world
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Post-quantum cryptography (PQC) expert QuSecure has unveiled its end-to-end quantum resilient orchestration platform, considered an industry-first.

Dubbed QuProtect, the new platform pairs PQC algorithms with a quantum secure channel to offer steadfast security for encrypted communications and data.


Achieving resiliency with Everything-as-a-Service (XAAS)

Transforming the enterprise IT landscape


The cyber solution, designed to work round-the-clock on any device, is targeted at enterprises and government agencies.

The platform, sold as a service under the 'quantum security as a service (QSaaS)' moniker, can protect against present-day cyber attacks and future quantum computing threats, according to QuSecure.

“QuSecure’s mission is to provide enterprises and government organizations with a comprehensive cryptographic orchestration platform that addresses today’s classical and future quantum threats,” said Dave Krauthamer, QuSecure CEO.

“Our QuProtect solution secures networks from current vulnerabilities using zero trust, next-generation standardized encryption, active monitoring, and attack remediation – all cloud-delivered in software to existing devices, over existing infrastructure.”

“We are creating an exceptionally secure future using a unique and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that gives organizations a practical encryption solution for resilience to cyberattacks. Early customers tell us that a SaaS end-to-end PQC approach is optimal to address their critical needs for a practical post-quantum cybersecurity solution. QuProtect is the ‘easy button’ for this critical PQC upgrade,” added Krauthamer.

To support its work, QuSecure has created an advisory team compromised of leading experts in quantum cryptography. The team includes ARM CEO Rene Haas, Paul Touw, former Chief Strategist for the US Department of State and founder of Ariba Networks, Dr. Sarah McCarthy, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Waterloo and specialist in post-quantum cryptography, and Louie Gasparini, former CTO & VP of Product Management at RSA.