Game on: Delivering a secure and seamless player experience

Webinar from Cloudflare on how to deliver a secure and seamless player experience in gaming
(Image credit: Cloudflare)

Gaming and iGaming companies face a major challenge in delivering seamless real-time experiences to their players worldwide due to the consistent cyber threats that they encounter. These industries are often ranked among the most targeted by cyber-attacks, which can cause added latency and outages that can have serious consequences. When players experience network delays, they are more likely to abandon the platform, and a compromised platform can lead to a loss of players.

To combat these ever-evolving attacks, leading organizations are turning to cloud-native security solutions like Cloudflare. These solutions provide comprehensive protection to secure platforms, users, and infrastructure, ensuring that players can enjoy a secure, fast, and reliable gaming experience.

Watch this on-demand webinar from Cloudflare and learn how to give your users the confidence that their favourite games will be secure, available, and lightning-fast.

What you'll learn:

  • Why and how attacks happen and their impact to the business
  • Quick wins to secure and accelerate your platforms
  • Practical examples on securing your platform and boosting performance of your games
  • Mitigation - Tips & Tricks 
  • Preparation and best practices for key events (seasonal and sudden spikes in traffic).

Provided by  Cloudflare


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