How do we measure cyber risk?

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(Image credit: BT)
A headshot of Deborah Moir, principal cyber security consultant at BT.
Deborah Moir

Deborah has over twenty years’ experience in information security, working with many sectors to understand the challenges they face with security and operating their business. She started her career in electronic engineering in the aerospace industry and moved into security, evaluating secure products before developing the first BSI course on Information Security Management Systems, previously BS7799, now ISO27001.

Cyber security has grown from a preoccupation of the IT department alone to something that can also keep CFOs, CEOs and others in the boardroom up at night.

There was once a time when a computer virus might have been seen as an annoyance or inconvenience that was contained to at most a handful of computers. Now, however, most companies – and would-be attackers – realize a successful ransomware campaign, for example, could bring down their business.

In this special edition of the ITPro Podcast, in association with BT, Rory and Jane are joined by Deborah Moir, principal cyber security consultant at BT. Together, they discuss the risks  businesses face and how they can quantify them to decide where to concentrate their defense resources.


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