Privacy Shield

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EU seeks Privacy Shield changes in its first annual review

Proposals include tougher rules around non-compliance and greater cooperation between US and EU authorities
18 Oct 2017
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Safe Harbour replaced with EU-US Privacy Shield

The new agreement may take effect from July if both parties agree on its directions
27 Jun 2016
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EDPS says Privacy Shield not robust enough

Giovanni Buttarelli said the European Commission needs to develop a longer-term solution for sharing data across continents
1 Jun 2016
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Has the US forced Reddit to secretly hand over user data?

Disappearance of "warrant canary" seen as tacit admission of government data request
1 Apr 2016
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Would a Brexit weaken data privacy in the UK?

Data privacy should be a central issue in debate of EU referendum pros and cons
26 Feb 2016
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Why Privacy Shield will fail to protect our data

Safe Harbour’s replacement is based entirely on trust - what a big mistake
8 Feb 2016
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EU throws US data transfers into doubt – again

Europe’s data watchdog refuses to extend Safe Harbour grace period
4 Feb 2016
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Will the new Safe Harbour deal really protect your data?

Businesses and campaigners react to Privacy Shield, the new EU-US data transfer agreement
2 Feb 2016