Cisco confirms data breach following Yanluowang ransomware attack in May

The Cisco logo displayed on a sign in a city

Cisco has confirmed data Yanluowang ransomware gang published on its leak site was indeed stolen from the firm during the May cyberattack.

The firm’s network was breached after hackers compromised an employee's VPN account. Even so, the tech giant affirms the leak has no impact on its business, as originally assessed.


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According to the company, the stolen records comprised non-sensitive files from the employee’s Box folder. However, the attack was contained before Yanluowang ransomware could start encrypting systems.

“On September 11, 2022, the bad actors who previously published a list of file names from this security incident to the dark web, posted the actual contents of the same files to the same location on the dark web. The content of these files match what we already identified and disclosed,” explained Cisco.

“Our previous analysis of this incident remains unchanged-we continue to see no impact to our business, including Cisco products or services, sensitive customer data or sensitive employee information, intellectual property, or supply chain operations.”

In stark contrast, hackers responsible for the attack claimed 55GB worth of files had been compromised, including classified documents, schematics, and source code.

As matters stand, the claims remain unverifiable. Cisco, on the other hand, disqualified the possibility of source code being exfiltrated.