The security awareness handbook

A whitepaper from Proofpoint on security awareness, training, with cartoon image of a security awareness class with teacher and student at desk
(Image credit: Proofpoint)

In their 2022 Data Breach Investigations report, Verizon reported that 82% of data breaches involved a human element. Some of these breaches relied on social engineering, which resulted in victims clicking on unsafe URLs and opening malicious attachments that compromised computers. 

Threat prevention and detection technologies can’t stop every attack. Companies need to educate staff on how to identify cyber threats, which would stop criminals from harming their organization. 

This whitepaper reveals the most common risks users face in today’s cyber landscape. These risks include:

  • Social engineering tricks
  • Business email compromise (BEC) schemes
  • Ransomware campaigns

Download the report for a dive deep into each threat, its mechanisms, and how they work.

Provided by Proofpoint  


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