The threat prevention buyer's guide

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(Image credit: Zscaler)

Remote workers can end up having to use their devices over unsecured networks. Public networks extend the security perimeter. Consequently, a castle-and-moat approach to security becomes inadequate since malware developers are creating new threats that threats hide in encrypted traffic.

This whitepaper from Zscaler introduces a zero-trust platform that will help you upend the attacker's plans. It will help you evolve your security strategy with AI-powered threat protection.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to instantly block known threats at scale for all users and devices, regardless of location
  • How to prevent emerging and zero-day malware inline using AI-powered detections and quarantine
  • How to accelerate investigation and response by sharing threat insights with your EDR and SIEM tools.

Download today.

Provided by Zscaler


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