Unmasking the tricks: How our Brand Protection can stop impersonators in their tracks

A whitepaper from Cloudflare on their Brand & Phishing Protection feature and how it helps businesses to identify and block "confusable" domains
(Image credit: Cloudflare)

Detecting, blocking, and mitigating the risks of phishing attacks is arguably one of the hardest challenges any security team is constantly facing. One of the biggest challenges in preventing phishing attacks is the sheer volume and the difficulty of distinguishing legitimate emails and websites from fraudulent ones.

Even when users are vigilant, it can be hard to spot the subtle differences that attackers use to make their phishing emails and websites look convincing. Cloudflare has expanded their phishing protections to help organizations enhance their security strategy and stay ahead of the latest phishing scams.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about Cloudflare's new Brand and Phishing Protection feature, designed to help protect your organization from phishing attacks by automatically identifying - and blocking - so-called “confusable” domains.

Discover an overview of the feature, a demonstration showing how it works in real-time, and Cloudflare's roadmap for future enhancements.

Provided by  Cloudflare


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