The enterprise’s guide for Generative AI

Brain hovering above a chip on a motherboard, denoting AI and hardware
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In a recent worldwide survey, IDC identified that nearly 80% of global businesses were considering investment in Generative AI  in 2023, but with concerns abound, adoption had actually been slow. This means greater opportunities for organizations that are already using GenAI.

A class of machine learning, this whitepaper shares the impact GenAI is having on enterprises - improved productivity as well as software development - and as many vendors now include GenAI in their product offering, this resource highlights the areas that GenAI could enhance the most.

Not overlooking its challenges, this resource will provide you with an informed overview of what to consider when executing GenAI, and offers recommendations for processes and assurances to ensure your business makes the most of the opportunities GenAI offers, including the value of working with trusted partners.

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