Google Meet helps prevent Zoom-bombing-fueled class cancellations

Google has watched as Zoom struggled with Zoom-bombers who’d log on to a videoconference anonymously and terrorize the meeting with inappropriate images, videos or language. Google Meet has run into very few of these issues but is staying ahead of the curve to keep educators and students safe from Zoom-bombing with its latest update.

In this new update, Google Meet will prevent anyone from joining a meeting organized by someone with G Suite for Education or G Suite Enterprise for Education license without first logging into their Google account.

According to Google: “This prevents participants from sharing a link publicly to encourage anonymous users to request access.”

Apparently, there have been issues with students sharing links with others, asking them to join anonymously and create havoc so the teacher dismisses class early or cancels it altogether.

Google will roll this feature out slowly over the next 15 days, and the complete rollout is expected by the end of July. Once the update hits, this feature will be activated by default on all accounts with G Suite for Education or G Suite Enterprise for Education licenses.

The only way to deactivate it is by calling G Suite support and requesting an exception.