2023 Cybersecurity Insiders VPN risk report

2023 Cybersecurity Insiders VPN Risk Report whitepaper
(Image credit: Zscaler)

A recent report has revealed concerning statistics about the current state of VPN security. 90% of surveyed organizations are concerned about third parties serving as a potential backdoor for criminals to gain access to their network through VPN.

Zscaler commissioned Cybersecurity Insiders to explore the complexity of today’s VPN management. Cybersecurity Insiders surveyed 382 cybersecurity professionals and identified user experience issues, vulnerabilities to diverse cyberattacks, and the potential security posture weaknesses organizations face.

 The 2023 VPN Risk Report shares: 

  • The most common VPN risks facing organizations today
  • How VPNs affect users, admins, and third parties
  • Why a zero trust solution is the best way to relieve VPN woes

Download the report for free today.

Provided by Zscaler 


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