Netgear ReadyNAS 3130 review

Netgear’s 1U rack NAS teams up some interesting backup features with a boost in performance

For file syncing, Netgear has replaced its ReadyDrop app with ReadyCloud agents for Windows and Macs plus apps for iOS and Android. We tested the Windows version and after it asked for a local folder location, any files we dropped in it were automatically synced to the appliance. We used the iOS app on our iPad 4 and could view folders on the 3130 and run quick backups of our photos to it as well.

The built-in backup app is useful as you define sources and targets which can be any local NAS share or folder on other network systems. Set up a schedule and the appliance will manage it for you handy for workstation backups.

ReadyOS also natively supports Dropbox but, unlike Synology and Qnap, there aren't any apps for hosted services such as Amazon S3 or Glacier. The free Anti-Virus Plus app will be useful for avoiding performance issues as we could declare selected folders as exempt from real-time scanning.


The lack of expansion and the AV scanner's hit on backup performance count against it but the ReadyNAS 3130 scores for ease of use and cloud backup features. It's slightly more expensive than Synology's speedy RS815+ (web ID:24140) but its main selling point is its unlimited snapshots.


The improved hardware in the ReadyNAS 3130 makes it much faster than previous models. Netgear’s block-level snapshots offer good data protection features and it’s not short on cloud apps either

Chassis: 1U rack

CPU: 1.7GHz Intel Atom C2338

Memory: 2GB ECC DDR3 UDIMM (max 16GB)

Storage: 4 x hot-swap 2.5in/3.5in SATA drive bays

Array support: RAID0, 1, 5, X-RAID2, JBODs

Ports: 2 x USB 3, USB 2, 2 x eSATA

Network: 4 x Gigabit

Warranty: 5yr limited

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