SanDisk unveils world's largest microSD card

If you've got a penchant for masses of digital storage (and let's face it, who doesn't) SanDisk's latest unveiling will have you delighted. Western Digital - SanDisk's parent company - announced at IFA 2017 in Berlin that it was launching the world's largest microSD card, with a mega capacity of 400GB.

An eye-popping quantity of storage like that is, of course, accompanied with an eye-popping price: the card retails at $250 (224.99). Nonetheless, in a world where 4K video is becoming the norm and people everywhere are looking to store masses of HD photos and videos on their smartphones, the spacious new microSD card could hail a storage revolution.

According to Western Digital, SanDisks's new card is prime for use in Android phones and tablets, wielding the capacity to hold up to 40 hours of full HD video. What's more, up to 1,200 photos per minute can be transferred onto the card, with a 100MB read speed. Clinching this roster of high-end specs is news that the new device is UHS Speed Class 1 - the best available performance for microSD cards.

On a more tangible level, the card is waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof, and even X-ray proof - longevity is not something you're going to have to worry about with this card. And whilst the high-end price might be off-putting to some - $250 for something the size of a fingernail -- it could save you bundles when it comes to investing in your chosen model of device, as many companies amp up their prices in correspondence with storage capacity.

SanDisk's gargantuan new microSD card is available to buy now.