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Our tech highlights of 2013

We round up the IT Pro team and Leader Board members' favourite tech moments of the year.

2013 has been a busy year for the tech sector, with many acquisitions, intense rivalry (through product launches and lawsuits) and company leaders coming and going at an unprecedented rate.

We round up some of the most memorable moments for us and our extended team. Let's start with what the editorial team have picked as their 2013 tech highlights, before moving on to hear what our Leader Board panelists have to say. 

"The stories I enjoy writing are ones where technology is used in ways that benefits the less fortunate. So hearing about the work Google has been doing with landmine clearance charity the Halo Trust, to clear explosive devices from war-torn regions, was one of the highlights of my 2013 year in tech."

Caroline Donnelly, news editor

"My tech highlight' of 2013 has to be the Prism scandal. Before Edward Snowden leaked the files he took from the NSA, it had long been suspected that governments worldwide monitor electronic communications, but the revelations showed just how massive this surveillance was. It also answered the mystery of the facility known as the Utah Data Centre why it was built and what it is used for.

While finding out that global governments are monitoring every passing keystroke may not strike everyone as the highlight of the year, for me it brought to light important details about what those who represent us are doing. It could, hopefully, bring about greater transparency and perhaps a more measured and targeted approach from the world's spy agencies."

Jane McCallion, staff writer

"Although it's a tough year for PC vendors, it's been good to see them take a proactive approach to try and halt sliding sales. Devices such as the Yoga Pro 2, which transforms into multiple modes really stood out and shows there is still plenty of life in the traditional form factor.

Sticking on the topic of laptops, it's been promised for a long time, but all-day battery life is now a reality with the introduction of Intel's Haswell's processors. Macs have the advantage over Windows, with the MacBook Pro and Air able to stretch to 10 hours, but Windows machines have edged up to the eight-hour mark."

Khidr Suleman, technical editor

Turn the page to see what stood out for some of our Leader Board members in 2013.

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