Ondas Holdings and Dynam.AI announce strategic partnership

American Robotics drone in front of blue sky
(Image credit: American Robotics)

Ondas Holdings-owned American Robotics (AR) has forged a strategic alliance with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions provider Dynam.AI.

The partnership expands AR's AI-driven analytics product suite while supporting Dynam.AI in the development of its AI/ML developers' toolkit, Vizlab.

According to Dynam.AI, Vizlab allows for faster and more precise application development while reducing implementation costs by over 60%. The platform combines advanced automation tools with physics-guided reasoning, predictive analytics, and AI capabilities.

Together, Dynam.AI's research team and Vizlab AI/ML deployment technology will help American Robotics integrate the latest AI technologies into its products and services. The firm also plans to boost its robot-as-a-service (RaaS) offering with Dynam.AI's detection, analysis, and forecasting capabilities.

"Data is the next competitive frontier for our industrial and government customers and Ondas and American Robotics are supporting them by investing in turnkey solutions," said Eric Brock, chairman, and CEO of Ondas Holdings.

"We are thrilled to partner with Diana Shapiro and her team at Dynam as we define these next-generation mission-critical data solutions in the field. We believe partnering with Dynam will allow us to integrate advanced AI/ML capabilities faster and more deeply as we scale with customers".


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According to reports, Ondas Holdings also acquired a minority stake in Dynam.AI as part of the partnership.

"We have significant demand for the development of novel AI/ML applications and we believe this partnership enables American Robotics to accelerate our development with strategic, highly sought-after talent," said Reese Moser, American Robotics CEO.

"Ecosystem development, like our relationship with Dynam, is entirely focused on driving value in our Robot-as-a-Service offering to customers."