Managing data for AI and analytics at scale with an Open Data Lakehouse approach

Managing Data for AI and Analytics at Scale with an Open Data Lakehouse Approach: IBM whitepaper
(Image credit: IBM)

Businesses tend to generate mammoth amounts of data that come from diverse sources. This information needs to be transformed into insights that drive a better understanding of core business, customer, and market dynamics.

Unfortunately, most enterprises face a severe problem of data that is kept in silos, which in turn cannot be integrated due to a lack of definition and governance.  Siloed data create barriers to information sharing and collaboration. 

This IDC white paper explores the challenges that come with managing growing amounts of data and recommends how enterprises can build a data lakehouse. All data is kept within its lake format when you implement a lakehouse approach.

Download now to learn more about a scalable resource that can manage all of your organization’s data.

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