Why AI governance is a business imperative for scaling enterprise Artificial Intelligence

A CGI image of a purple glass statue, with its back three-quarters to the back of the camera to represent an AI assistant. It is set against a solid blue background.
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Interest and adoption of AI is escalating quickly with the introduction of generative AI. According to IDC, enterprises worldwide are expected to invest $151 billion on AI solutions in 2023. 

Despite the growth, there are existing barriers to adoption, including a lack of AI governance and risk management solutions. Responsible AI implementation continues to be a major challenge and the insights found in this whitepaper will put you on the path to efficient implementation. 

In this IDC whitepaper, you will learn about: 

  • The new challenges involving risk and complexity that generative AI creates 
  • How organizations are succeeding by proactively adopting AI governance 
  • Steps to establish a framework to drive trusted, transparent, and explainable AI 

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