World-record performance for AI and ML

Whitepaper from Dell on their world-record performance for AL and ML with image of metal sculpture from the ground up
(Image credit: Dell)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are used by companies in a wide variety of industries. Applications include forecast sales, customer segmentation, risk identification, cost optimization, and improved efficiencies. 

These use cases all depend on compute performance, speed, bandwidth, networking, and memory. Moreover, security is a critical factor that must be considered when dealing with AL and ML workloads. 

The infrastructure investment to support compute performance, local memory, network bandwidth, and data storage can be significant. Rigorous evaluation is needed if you want to build robust IT operations that can handle heavy AI and ML workloads. This is why Dell Technologies commissioned Prowess Consulting to create this technical research study which presents industry-standard benchmarks for server performance.

Download the study now to learn more about how quickly data can be collected, processed, and accessed once stored by Dell PowerEdge servers.

Provided by  Dell & AMD


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