B2B Tech Future Focus - 2024

String lights on the cover of the Tech Future Focus Report from ITPro
(Image credit: Unsplash - Joshua Sortino)

While 2023 is now firmly in the rear-view mirror, many of the trends that started there will continue to influence behaviors in 2024.

We surveyed 405 IT decision makers from across the globe in the final quarter of 2023 to find out what they’re most interested in, where their biggest concerns lie, and where they’re likely to allocate their budgets.

In this report, you will find insight on:

  • How IT decisions are made, and by whom
  • Who has control over the purse strings
  • What CIOs, CISOs, and other top-level IT professionals really want from a vendor relationship.

Download this report for the big trends likely to dominate the conversation in 2024, as well as real-world insight about the products to watch from our in-house experts.


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