Red Box Conversa offers distributed teams platform-agnostic voice capture

Conversa by Red Box logo

With infrastructures forced to adapt quickly to coronavirus-forced remote work, customer voice capture has become more difficult. Red Box just announced its new Conversa voice platform, which will help streamline this vital audio and media data collection.

Conversa is an open microservices-based, cloud-agnostic enterprise voice platform that allows a business to listen to, share and act upon conversations with customers. Conversa created high-quality recordings and transcripts of all customer conversations and works on all platforms, including on-premise, cloud and even hybrid.

Free and open REST APIs give companies real-time access to the recordings and transcripts, but it also provides the security needed to keep this sensitive data safe. What’s more, Conversa provides AI-ready voice, media, metadata, and transcripts supported by nearly any application. This flexibility allows companies to enter the data into almost any AI, analytics, CRM, BI and compliance tool to help transform their businesses.

According to Richard Stevenson, CEO of Red Box, “With organisations under increased pressure to support distributed workforces, as well as driving differentiation through digital transformation, it’s even more critical than ever for them to retain sovereignty of one of their richest and most powerful data sets: the voice of their customer and employees.”

Stevenson continued, “Conversa empowers organisations to tap into the rich insights within enterprise wide audio and media data whilst also benefiting from market-leading infrastructure.”

Red Box Conversa will be available in a limited release soon.