Google Chrome now features offline browsing option


Google has finally added the ability to browse web pages offline in Chrome, offering users the option of viewing a cached version of a previously-viewed page even without an internet connection.

This new feature seems to have been designed specifically for users who browse the internet on-the-go, such as on public transport where the internet connection is less than ideal, or for research when outside of a suitable Wi-Fi zone.

The web browser now features a flag' option that is disabled by default, and new stale copy' flag in Development and Canary builds will make it much easier for users to view pages they've already visited, which is perfect if the connection drops out when in the middle of doing something important.

For example, if you have clicked through to a link while on the train, then go through some uncivilised bit of countryside or through a tunnel, you can still click back and return to the previous page unobstructed.

You will be faced with the "You are Offline" error page, but now with a button reading, "Show Saved Copy".

It's a simple modification, but one that could be invaluable in certain situations. Sadly, Chrome can't cache every webpage on the internet, but this is a nifty consolation prize.

A major revamp for the Chrome browser has been rumoured to be arriving with the upcoming Android L.

Caroline Preece

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