freedom2surf to offer pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi access

Internet service provider (ISP) freedom2surf has launched a new pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi hotspot package that will provide users with access to around 1,300 access points across the UK.

Pay-as-you-go access to BT's Openzone network costs just 10p a minute - which freedom2surf notes is half the price that BT itself charges. Minutes can also be block-bought in advance, starting at 4.50 for an hour's access and rising to 30 for 20 hours.

Users log on using their freedom2surf account detail and the cost is added to their monthly broadband bill.

'Some internet users feel uncomfortable signing up to unknown wireless companies, while business travellers find claiming the cost on expenses an inconvenience,' said Richard Manly, consumer product marketing manager, freedom2surf. 'We've created Hotspots to give wireless internet customers the same peace of mind and ease of use as their home connection.'

For more information can be found here.