Palm releases Outlook 2007 compatible sync update

PDA maker Palm has released a patch for its sync software that will enable users of its handheld devices to transfer data between them and Outlook 2007, the latest version of the Microsoft email and personal information manager (PIM) client.

The patch updates the sync conduits on the PC, making no changes to the software on the handheld, but makes the necessary application changes to allow supported handhelds to sync emails, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes with the new version of Outlook. It is not required where the Palm Desktop software, rather than Outlook, is used for syncing.

The update is compatible with all its Palm OS devices, from the 1996 Palm Pilot to the newest Treo smartphones and available from Microsoft has supplied a patch for handhelds running Windows Mobile, including Palm's Treo 750 or Treo 700wx.