HP launches "bullet-proof" storage array

HP has launched its new storage array platform that it claims to be literally bullet-proof.

The XP24000 is set to replace the company's previous high-end system the XP12000. Among the new features of the storage box which ships in July are 332TB of internal capacity on up to 1,152 separate hard drives with support for up to 247 Petabytes (PB) of external storage.

The device also offers four Gbps connections to disks and hosts and a peak performance range of 3.5m input output processors from cache. It also comes with an enhanced version of HP StorageWorks XP Array Manager software so the array can be easily configured via a web-based interface.

The company also released a video on YouTube demonstrating the device's ability to keep working even when being shot at. The video showed a bullet going through the XP24000 and into a fish tank which broke and poured water down the side of the box. Of course, the usual disclaimers were at the end of the video urging people not to try this at home.

Rene Millman

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