IT managers miss holidays

Senior IT executives are missing out on their holiday time, according to a survey by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The CMI surveyed over 700 senior executives across UK business and found on average they miss 4.7 days a year. Some 63 per cent of IT managers said they don't plan to use all of their days, despite 90 per cent claiming it helps them deal with stress.

A fifth said they couldn't take time off because of excessive workloads, while two per cent blamed poor personal planning. But four per cent will not take their holidays because they can't bear to leave - they enjoy their work that much, the survey found.

"Taking time off for a proper break is not a sign of weakness, so individuals should be encouraged to use their holiday entitlement to the full," said Jo Causon, director, marketing and corporate affairs at the CMI.

Industry-wide, 21.6 million holiday days are not taken by managers each year, saving 4 billion for their employers. Despite the savings, 70 per cent of firms don't offer alternatives to holidays, such as flexible working or trades for cash.

With that in mind, IT managers seem ready to turn to government for regulated vacations. Nearly three-quarters said they agreed with calls by the Trades Union Congress for a new bank holiday in October, over the industry-wide average of 65 per cent.

"The debate about creating another bank holiday is certainly gathering pace and support," Causon said.