MoGo X54 PRO mouse launched for business users

The makers of the popular slim line Bluetooth-enabled mouse MoGo have unveiled a new family of mice aimed at both businesses and consumers that will be available from the end of next month.

The X54 PRO, aimed at the business world, and the X54, targeted at consumers, are designed for mobile computer users who have laptops equipped with ExpressCard/54 PC card technology which is used in more than 95 per cent of today's portable machines, according to MoGo's parent Newton Peripherals.

The business-oriented MoGo is aimed at those using their laptops for business purposes and supports both standard mouse mode and presentation mode for ease of navigation between slides and for illustrating key points on the screen using a laser pointer. Weighing just 14 grams, it has a range of 10 metres, a battery life of up to 10 hours and can be fully charged in less than an hour.

Computers Unlimited

"Like all new and inspirational products the initial targeted user is the 'earlier adopter', the image conscious individual who appreciates style, quality, who embraces new technology and tends to be a bit 'gadget mad'. Sure they can pick up a wireless mouse at a lower cost, but let's face it, it doesn't look half as cool...With the combined costs of hardware and services associated with mobile working falling, combined with the ever present green issue, it would be foolish to ignore the growing trend towards location independent working practices."

Both versions feature a kickstand that instantly transform the peripheral from a flat metallic card to a portable and fully-functioning mouse, in addition to built-in centre scrolling through an integrated scroll pad. The X54 family doesn't require software drivers and automatically switch on when the mouse is removed from its slot.

Maggie Holland

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