CES 2008: News Roundup - Bluetooth is 10 years old

Bluetooth celebrates tenth birthday

Bluetooth, the short-range wireless networking technology pioneered by Ericsson, turned 10 years old this week and has marked its birthday at CES. Although the idea of the technology was initiated around this time, it was only in 2000 that the first mainstream products containing Bluetooth hit the market. Since then over 1.5 billion Bluetooth-enabled products have shipped.Mobile content delivery gets the personal touch

Technology has been developed which will aid the distribution of personalised mobile content through the use of a simple web based interface. Myxer, a communications platform for free mobile content, claims that its personalisation technology has uses in the corporate, entertainment, advertising and consumer worlds.Voice activated mobile internet devices revealed

Voice control technology has been showcased at CES which its maker claims could revolutionise the way that people access mobile internet. One Voice Technologies have made voice control a central component for Intel Mobile Internet Devices (MID). Users could chat, retrieve maps and driving directions as well as search the internet all by voice.HP to reduce PC Energy usage by 25 per cent

HP announced a commitment to reduce the energy consumption of their volume notebook and desktop PC's by 25% by 2010. They hoped to manage their environmental impact and reach this target by strategies such as integrating components such as more efficient power supplies and other energy-saving technologies.