Dell and Microsoft to release AIDS charity PC

Dell and Microsoft are partnering to produce a new computer range to raise money for the (Red) AIDS action charity.

This coming Friday, Dell will launch two (Red) laptops and one desktop running Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. The products will be a rebadged XPS One desktop and XPS M1330 and M1530 laptop computers. The products will sell for the same price as the normal Dell versions, though the two companies will donate to the Global Fund, which finances health programs in Africa, $50 (25) for each laptop and $80 (40) for each desktop sold.

(Red), founded by U2 singer Bono and Bobby Shriver, works to develop co-branded products with companies such as Apple, American Express, Hallmark Cards and Gap, which then donate a portion of the proceeds for antiretroviral drugs.

Microsoft said it expects "several hundred thousand" (Red) Dell PCs to be sold in 2008. The PCs, designed in part by Bono, will have a red casing, while the Vista install will feature a red background and sidebar.

Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Bono are expected to announce the partnership formally this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. (Red) has raised $53 million for the Global Fund since it was founded in 2006.


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