HP releases first solid-state PC

HP has launched what it says is the first business desktop PC to feature a solid-state hard drive (SSD).

The HP Compaq dc7800 Ultra-slim Desktop PC features SSD to improve reliability - no moving parts means less to wear out. The system also starts more quickly, allowing nearly instant access to data, HP said.

The dc7800 Ultra-slim is 46 per cent smaller than previous models and uses the least power of any HP desktop.

Another business machine, the HP Compaq dc5800 was also released yesterday, in small form factor and microtower PC designs.

Both the new PCs meet the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool. One reason for this is because the new PCs team Intel Core 2 dual processors with Verdiem Surveyor power management software, which can help cut energy costs for a PC to $10 (5) a year a system, HP said.

HP said rolling out energy-efficient PCs across a large organization can have an immense impact on power savings.

"HP's ongoing efforts to design for the environment have spanned decades," said Alan Reed, vice president and general manager of HP's personal systems group. "HP leverages this expertise to continually develop smart ideas for its PC product lines that not only help business customers be more productive, but also reduce operating costs and their effect on the environment."

The dc7800 Ultra-slim with SSD is already available in North America, starting at $1,258 (642), while the dc5800 will be available 11 February, starting at $579 (295).