VIA unveils next generation x86 processor platform

Chip maker VIA Technologies has unveiled its latest x86-based processor architecture, codenamed 'Isaiah'.

The company claims the platform is tailored to industry demands for smaller and more functional mobile, desktop and personal electronic devices. To achieve this, Isaiah chips will minimise energy consumption and reduce heat output, using low power circuit techniques including a new 'C6' power state where power is turned off to the caches.

Wenchi Chen, chief executive of VIA Technologies said: "In achieving these new levels of functionality and performance, Isaiah provides the ideal complement to our industry-leading family of low power VIA C7 processors and will enable us to further extend our growing presence in the global x86 processor market."

The Isaiah technology stems from VIA's acquisition of IDT's Centaur business, which gave the company access to Centaur's WinChip technology and engineering resources.

Rather than compete with Intel and AMD on performance, VIA has gone down the route of selecting different niches for its technology, such as silent-running PCs, media centre units, low-cost laptops and embedded applications.