Lenovo turns to Ericsson for integrated 3G

Ericsson, the Swedish telecoms equipment maker has announced that it is working with Lenovo, the Chinese PC maker that bought IBMs desktop and laptop PC business in 2004, to provide 3G mobile data modem modules for integration into laptop computers.

Lenovo, which is now the third largest PC maker in the world behind Dell and market leader HP, is the latest company to add so-called mobile broadband modems to its laptop products. The modems will add high speed packet access (HSPA) 3G data support, requiring the user to simple insert a SIM card rather than connect an external USB or PC Card-based modem.

Ericsson said selected Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks will include mobile broadband modules beginning this year. Lenovo is Ericsson's first announced mobile broadband module customer, the company said.