Carbon neutral storage saves tons of emissions

A thin provisioning-based carbon neutral storage plan has saved 3PAR some 12,000 tons of emissions last year alone, the firm has announced.

Over 2007, the Carbon Neutral Storage Initiative saved as much emissions as taking 2,300 cars of the road, the firm claimed.

Just under 8,000 tons of emissions savings came through reducing energy consumption by using thin provisioning and thin copy technology helped reduce disk capacity.

The remaining emissions were not actually saved, but offset through purchasing carbon credits.

David Scott, president and chief executive of 3PAR, said: "While other storage vendors have built their business models on under-utilised capacity and thousands of tons of unnecessary CO2 emissions, we are providing a desperately needed green alternative for data centres around the world."


Green Grid

"Our Green Grid membership demonstrates our commitment to collaborating with the IT industry to help drive adoption of green data centre solutions, turning words into action," Venkat said.