Cadbury UK takes digital marketing global

Cadbury announced today it has signed a global deal to extend the successful UK of a multichannel digital marketing platform worldwide.

The deal comes a year after Cadbury began using the software platform in the UK to deploy and manage campaigns across all digital channels, including email, the web, mobile and interactive TV.

The company has already used the Traction platform from digital communications provider MassMedia Studios for digital campaigns including Cadbury Crme Egg and to communicate with the Wispa fans. And it is now rolling it out globally to achieve better control and consistency in its consumer marketing activities, beginning with the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Frances Dovey, interactive and emerging media manager at Cadbury, said: "In addition to giving us greater control and efficiency over our activities it has helped us improve our understanding about Cadbury consumers. MassMedia itself has provided valuable consultancy and roll-out advice, which will allow us to really embrace digital marketing in all Cadbury territories."

Traction will be used to provide Cadbury's brands and agencies with a blueprint for how data is collected, segmented, managed and used to acquire and retain customers across the different digital channels.

The vendor said Traction's campaign management tools provide brands, like the chocolate maker's, with better insight into customer behaviour and the ability to personalise responses to those customer interactions and ensure the right message is delivered to the right customer at the most appropriate time.