Fujitsu in £25 million court service deal

A group which looks out for children in the family courts system has signed a seven-year, 25 million shared services contract with Flex, a framework between Fujitsu Services and the Cabinet Office.

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) said the deal will cut costs and reduce the total cost of ownership for ICT, as well as help the body achieve its carbon emission targets.

Fujitsu will manage desktops for 2,000 users across a hundred offices, as well as manage Cafcass's current business applications. The contract also includes a hardware and software refresh across the group's laptops, thin client devices, servers and service desk after four years.

It also expects the shared services contract to improve security and efficiency for employees working remotely from courts, government offices or home.

"Improvements in the security and protection of data were also a top priority for us - as a department which looks after the interests of children this is vital," said Lamorna Wooderson, corporate director at Cafcass, in a statement. "Through Flex, our staff will be able to work more effectively and efficiently whilst working remotely but with the confidence that sensitive data will not be compromised."

The contract will start in October of this year.