Week in review: Skynet here we come!

PC makers flout XP end date

Dell and other manufacturers are telling Vista-phobic buyers to exercise their "downgrade rights" to keep the older Microsoft operating system.

No Microsoft decision yet on Yahoo bid

Microsoft has failed to reach a decision about its next step in its stand-off with Yahoo over its billion dollar takeover bid.

Microsoft denies fault for massive SQL attack

The company insists that there were no vulnerabilities specific to Windows which could have allowed a massive database attack affecting over half a million web pages.

IT pros get political ahead of London's mayoral election

Research into the political leanings of leading UK bloggers and internet forum posters shows an opinion poll-defying sub-trend among the net-savvy.

HMRC staff fired for looking at sensitive data

Hundreds of staff at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have been disciplined - and others fired - for accessing private or sensitive data without permission.

Robots butlers in ten years

Earlier this week, Intel showcased a set of innovations in its robotics research from its labs in Seattle and Pittsburgh, showing the current limitations - as well as the potential - of such technology.