Week in Review: Microsoft back for more...

Microsoft offer alternative Yahoo deal

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft appears not to have given up on Yahoo and looks to propose an alternative deal without a full takeover.

Software to trap lying employee

Success with Voice Risk Analysis software by Harrow Council to catch benefit cheats has led to businesses starting to use the software to find out if employees are faking being ill.

SMEs look to outsourcing for IT efficiencies

It is claimed that smaller businesses will benefit from outsourcing IT services. It could drive cost savings of up to 70 per cent through efficient use of IT assets and business applications.

Computing to move from apps to information

EMC bosses make confident statements on what they think will be the next wave in IT will be. They claim that a complete overhaul in how information is used and stored by businesses is necessary.

Flash to dominate high-end storage

Flash drives, coming down in cost fast, are claimed to be the future when it comes to high-end storage. EMC says that it is reaching the limit of what fibre channel drives can do.

MoD deploys first government certified LAN

The Ministry of Defence benefits from wireless technology under new government security rules. The wireless network will improve equipment tracking.

Microsoft: Enterprise to embrace cloud computing

The tech giant expects many millions of email accounts to move over to its data centres in the next five years.

More smartphones means more security threats

Handset theft is leading to the escalation of security threats for mobile users. Users with smartphones could lose very important personal and financial details if lost or stolen.