Acer finally shows its Aspire One laptop

Acer has finally unveiled its entrant into the cheap laptop market, the Aspire One.

As expected the Aspire One will feature an Intel Atom processor, and run a Linpus Linux Lite customised with a bespoke Acer interface.

As the market becomes more crowded with these laptops, they're beginning to sound eerily familiar, a fact backed by the now ubiquitous 8GB solid-state drive, 512MB RAM, Wi-Fi, and 8.9in screen.

However, according to Acer its Aspire One will be available stateside from the beginning of July for $379 (192), significantly undercutting the similarly specified competition from Asus and HP. There's no word when it'll arrive in the UK, or at what price.

Just to complete the sweep of standard features, Acer has also confirmed a Windows XP version with an 80GB hard drive and 1GB RAM will be available, though the company says it is still working on pricing and availability.

There'll also be 3G and WiMax for modules for those with greater wireless needs, as well as a range of colours for anybody looking to personalise.