Honda F1 backs up critical data

The Honda F1 Racing Team is using new data storage and back-up capabilities to protect its data more reliably and cost effectively.

The Northamptonshire-based team currently stores nearly 100 TB of data on a virtualised storage area network (SAN) that provisions this information to approximately 80 file servers and 700 clients as well as a number of Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix systems.

Matt Harris, the team's technical infrastructure manager said the nature of its varied storage environment became harder to protect using its existing EMC NetWorker backup software.

"We were looking for a better solution, one that had the flexibility to suit our backup needs as they change over time," he said.

The team worked with its existing IT supplier and selected BakBone NetVault Backup, which has allowed the IT team to introduce the new backup facility with zero impact on users, using features like serverless backups, direct backups across the SAN and the option to use either the virtual or the server client backup.

"We can pick and choose how to backup our data and how much and how quickly," added Harris.

The team is currently in the process of migrating its data to NetVault Backup, having already moved 30 TB of Windows, Exchange and SQL applications data across 40 servers onto the system.

Harris added that the IT team is expecting the software to lead to lower recurring maintenance costs and is planning to add VMware to the strategy.

Miya Knights

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