LG claims title of 'world's greenest monitor'

LG Electronics has launched what it claims is the most eco-friendly and energy efficient monitor in the world the Flatron W2252TE.

Available in the UK from August, the 22 inch wide-screen monitor will offer a 45 per cent reduction on power consumption from a 40 watt monitor (such as the older LG W2252TQ), so consuming only 22 watts.

"With the ever increasing time spent by consumers on computers these days, there is a need for products which are more energy efficient," said Fiona Landsberg, marketing manager at LG Electronics.

She claimed that anybody using the computers would be safe in the knowledge that they were doing something to help the environment, and that future monitors would progressively improve or equal the energy saving provided by the W2252TE.

Other key features are a resolution of 1680 x 1050 along with a zoom mode of 1440 x 900, a super-high 10,000:1 claimed contrast ratio when set in the F-Engine Movie' Mode' and a 170 degree viewing angle.

It also has a two millisecond response time, for smooth display of fast moving images and a "4:3 in wide" function, which LG says enables users to nullify the aspect ration distortion that sometimes occurs when viewing 4:3 media on a widescreen monitor.