Video: Q&A with Pankaj Manglik, chief executive of Proxim Wireless


The growth of wireless has already defined the networking industry in terms of the last mile' using wireless technology to deliver services and connectivity directly to the user.

However, the networking world is undergoing another major step change, as wireless backhaul networking using technologies such as WiMax are growing in popularity. At the same time, wireless within the workplace is undergoing a major technology refresh, as companies look to new standards like 802.11n to increase bandwidth and improve coverage.

We sat down with Pankaj Manglik, president and chief executive of Proxim Wireless to discuss these and other networking issues.

Pankaj Manglik joined Proxim Wireless in May 2006. Prior to this, Pankaj was co-founder and former chief executive of wireless networking technology firm Aruba Networks. He has also worked for Cisco, Nortel and Intel.