Kwik Fit protects, monitors web experience

Kwik Fit Insurance, one of the UK's leading motor insurance distributors is using new web monitoring software to help improve the online experience of visitors to its website.

The software, Tealeaf CX Suite, will provide the insurer with visibility into every stage of online customers' journeys through 300,000 sessions every day, allowing the insurer to quickly identify and resolve website errors.

This capability is anticipated to also increase the conversion rates of visitors to the site into new customers, while keeping accurate records of every visit to identify potential fraudulent activity.

By providing Kwik Fit Insurance with a record of every one of the nine million customer sessions that take place each month, the software is used to assist in the identification of fraudulent insurance claims.

Tealeaf can be used to drill down into any customer session, view the pages they visited and the data they entered to verify insurance claims and pinpoint fraudulent claimants. Every visit is time stamped by Tealeaf and is fully re-playable to allow for quick reference and reporting.

Annie McRae, Kwik Fit Insurance's online operations and planning manager, said the ability to analyse customer experiences and activity is key, as online fraud is becoming a major issue in the insurance industry.

"One of the big attractions of Tealeaf was the ability to capture and replay online customer journeys, allowing us to see exactly what a customer is doing on the sit," she said.

"Tealeaf ensures that we can oversee and record visits to the site, making disputes quick and easy to resolve and providing security for the business and our customers. This level of visibility also allows us to improve the site and provides a powerful weapon in the fight against fraud."

Kwik-Fit Insurance's key products include car, household, travel, pet, van and motorcycle insurance as well as breakdown recovery.

Miya Knights

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