Online video use growing quickly

The number of Europeans watching video online has doubled to 28 per cent since 2006, according to a report from JupiterResearch.

The most popular videos are still short clips such as those found on YouTube with just nine per cent of those surveyed watching full length videos. Jupiter said this will likely increase as more online broadcast services like BBC's iPlayer emerge.

Other drivers for video content will be next-generation broadband connections, more laptops being bought, and more outlets for video content, Jupiter said.

"Online video has now broken through and is a key activity for European Internet users. Although TV is still the primary place to watch video content, it is vital that broadcasters actively engage users online as well as on TV," said analyst Nick Thomas, the report's lead author.

"As viewers spend longer watching video online, broadcasters must ensure that the content viewers want to see is available online via legitimate sites, or risk losing audience to pirate sites," he warned.