Motorola reshuffles mobility business

Motorola will split its home and networks mobility business into three units to focus on the sectors' growth potential, the mobile phone maker has said.

The home and networks mobility business, led by Dan Moloney, will now comprise three businesses: broadband home solutions, broadband access solutions and cellular networks, the company said.

The unit, which had revenue of $2.4 billion (1.2 billion) in the first quarter, supplies equipment to telephone companies and cable television companies for voice, data and video services.

The unit previously had been organized as a mixture of businesses, making cable set-top boxes, modems, cable infrastructure and network gear to carry voice and data signals, the Wall Street Journal newspaper said.

"This organizational change will ensure that home and networks mobility remains agile, focused and ideally aligned to realize its growth potential," Motorola said in a statement obtained by Reuters.

Motorola said it was "evolving the structure of its home and networks mobility business to capitalize on the opportunities created by changes in the global marketplace."

In March, Motorola said it would split into two publicly traded entities in 2009, separating its mobile phone unit from the rest of the business, which makes television set-top boxes and network equipment.

The company also cut its research department in half in June as a further response to its struggling market position.


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