Nexsan go for the edge with new green storage

Storage provider Nexsan has announced The Edge' a Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution aimed at small to medium businesses (SMBs), which it claims has green credentials.

Nexsan said The Edge is a high-density disk storage solution that will allow users to tier existing Nexsan SAS and SATA based storage with file services CIFS and NFS, as well as block service iSCSI. It is based on Microsoft's Windows Unified Data Storage Server (WUDSS) technology.

The company claimed that it suits small and medium businesses (SMBs) after green storage solutions as it incorporates AutoMAIDenergy-efficiency as standard, Massive Array of Idle Disks (MAID 2.0) functionality and three levels of user-configurable energy efficiency.

The Edge with one SATABoy with eight 500GB SATA drives will cost 13,158, one SASBoy with eight 300GB SAS drives 17,895 and two SATABeasts with 1TB drives - 790/TB or 66,316.

Nexsan said that the solution is ideally suited for high-capacity applications such as healthcare and rich media, as well as other standard business applications.