Mayor wants London covered in Wi-Fi

London should have blanket Wi-Fi coverage, Mayor Boris Johnson told BBC Radio today.

Johnson suggested the site of the 2012 Olympics would be a good place to start installing the necessary infrastructure. "Let's look at ways that we can improve the infrastructure in this city so that there's Wi-Fi access everywhere," he told the BBC.

The mayor made the comments ahead of a speech by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is expected to again promise hundreds of millions of pounds in funds to get every UK student online by offering a voucher worth 700 to low-income families.

Johnson said he'd rather see universal Wi-Fi, however. "I think that's the way we should be going, rather than bunging money to people, which sounds a bit like a desperate bribe by the prime minister," he said.

"I certainly think there is a case for dealing with people who are information technology-poor, and trying to help people get online," Johnson added.