Week in Review: Google and the problem of the drunken email

It's a familiar problem. You have a night with workmates and have a bit too much to drink. You get into a heated debate with a colleague, or possibly your manager becomes a bit too friendly.

You get home and see your laptop switched on. "I'll check my emails and Facebook" I'm hearing you say. Then it seems like the best idea to send a few emails around your colleagues and maybe even management, because you'll have a bit of Dutch courage.

It's a very bad idea, and this is why Google Labs have built a feature called Mail Goggles which makes sure you can answer a few late night maths problems before you send off that email. I reckon this is a fantastic idea, but personally most people will need this option enabled on text message or Facebook of course that's not from personal experience.

Old reliable Microsoft XP just keeps on ticking. As well as extending its downgrade deadline this week, the head of Windows products for Europe says that he wouldn't be surprised if it happened again. Our very own Davey Winder also blogged on the situation, with his views about why Vista has not been good enough to attract businesses in making the change.

Research in Motion just keeps bringing new devices out as it marks another assault on the consumer market. This week the BlackBerry Storm is the latest new model which now offers a long-awaited touch screen as well as confirmation that it will be released next year. It joins the BlackBerry Bold, the BlackBerry Javelin and a BlackBerry Flip device which have all been recently announced.

Hmm a commercial network which has the potential to keep data completely secure. A dream, a fantasy, or something which may give many in the security industry nightmares as it would make much of its data theft work redundant. Researchers reveal a system using unbreakable quantum encryption which could be available within three years.

And lastly wouldn't you know it Apple has the last word as it sets the date for the release of new look Macbook laptops - Thursday 14 October. Let the Apple geeks rejoice!