SanDisk uses McAfee anti-malware on flash drives

SanDisk has partnered with McAfee in the release of a flash drive aimed at the business market which scans for malware before files are copied.

The new version of the SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise will use a McAfee anti-malware scan that will deny a file transfer to the USB drive if it detects infection on the host PC. It is expected to be available before the end of the year.

McAfee's Scan Engine' and virus definition files on the flash drive looks to prevent malware attaching itself to the portable drive and in turn infecting an internal corporate network.

McAfee and SanDisk both said that the new drives were ideal for the mobile workforce and IT departments concerned with data security as it offered mobility as well as full protection.

"Adding McAfee's technology to our security solutions for the enterprise enables our customers to extend their security perimeter to mobile storage," said Roy Ramati, vice president and general manager for the Enterprise Division at SanDisk.

The Cruzer Enterprise series already offers encryption for files stored on the device, with users requiring the creation of a password during the set-up process.