Photos: Toshiba's new laptop range

With Christmas fast approaching and demand for laptops showing little sign of waning, the major vendors are rolling out a host of new models in time for this key shopping season.

The latest to bring its new models to IT PRO is Toshiba, which earlier today stopped by to show off new products in the Protg and Tecra range, including incredibly light, yet fully-featured Protg R600.

Also on hand was the NB100, the company's first foray into the crowded netbook market. Users will be forgiven for immediately making comparisons to Toshiba's legendary Libretto mini laptop, but this netbook is much more in line with the devices being pumped out of Asus, MSI, Acer and HP, than it is with the similarly-sized, but feature-rich Libretto old or the 2005 revival of the brand.

Click on our gallery tab above to read more about Toshiba's new models and to see our first hand images of the NB100, R600 and Tecra R10.